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Feature Highlights

Equipped with Advanced Combustion Efficiency (ACE) technology, this powerful engine comes with a maintenance-free supercharger1 and external intercooler and is optimized for regular fuel for lower fuel cost.

Provides handlebar-activated quick settings so riders can easily find the ideal trim for varying conditions.

Exclusive to Sea-Doo®, iBR® stops the watercraft sooner and provides more control and maneuverability at low speeds and in reverse.

This exclusive Sea-Doo® feature optimizes power output for different riding preferences. Includes ECO® Mode for up to 46% improved fuel efficiency.

Forgiving and nimble for a predictable ride in smooth and moderate water conditions.

Uses coolant to keep the engine at the ideal temperature, much like a car’s radiator. Also keeps out corrosive saltwater and debris.

Technical Information


  • Rider capacity – 3
  • Weight capacity –  272 kg
  • Fuel capacity –  60 L
  • Glove Box – 6.6 L
  • Front Bin – 110 L
  • Storage capacity – Total 116.6 L


  • Length (bumper to bumper) 336.8 cm
  • Width 123.1 cm
  • Height 111.8 cm


  • Type GTI™ Hull
  • Material Fiberglass

Rotax® Engine 1500 HO ACE™

  • Intake system Supercharged with external intercooler
  • Displacement 1,494 cc
  • Cooling Closed-Loop Cooling system (CLCS)
  • Reverse system Electronic iBR®*
  • Fuel type 95 octane
  • Throttle System iTC™ (Intelligent Throttle Control) system
  • Exhaust System D-Sea-BeI™ system


  • Type of Gauge Multifunction Display
  • Main Functions – Speedometer, RPM Clock, VTS™ Display, Fuel Consumption Instant & Average, Vehicle Hour Display, Sport Mode, ECO® Mode


  • Dry weight 367kg

Other features

  • iControl®
  • ECO® Mode
  • Standard Seat
  • Seat Strap
  • High-Performance VTS™ (Variable Trim System)
  • RF D.E.S.S.™ Key
  • LinQ™ Attachment System
  • Wide-Angle Mirrors
  • Handlegrip with Palm Rests
  • Footwell Carpets
  • Tow Hook


  • BRP limited warranty covers the watercraft for two years.